Research Funding

Research Funding (IIT Ropar)

  • PI, DAE-CRS (2022-25): In-situ investigations on the oxidation mechanisms and subscale phase-transformations in MCrAlY alloys. Co-PIs: Prof. Joysurya Basu (IIT Varanasi) and Dr. Vikas Shivam (NML Jamshedpur).

  • PI, DST-CRG (2022-25): Designing improved bond-coat materials through co-doping of reactive elements.

  • PI, ISIRD Phase-II, IIT Ropar (2020-23): Design and Development of Novel High Temperature Compositionally Complex Alloys.

  • PI, ISIRD Phase-I, IIT Ropar (2019-20): Phase Seletion in Multi-principal element alloys.

Research Funding (pre-IIT Ropar, at Ames Lab)

  • co-PI*, AMO-EERE, DOE (2019) Design of High Temperature Multi-principal element Alloys.

  • co-PI*, NETL-DOE Crosscutting Technologies (2019) Predictive Design of Ni-based alloys.

  • co-PI*, Office of Fossil Energy, DOE (2017-19), ExtermEMat: Accelerated Design and Manufactue of Next Generation Alloys for extreme environment.

  • co-PI, Engineering Research Institute (Iowa State niversity) Accelerated Research Collaborations Initiative (2015-17), Materials for Extreme Environments.

  • co-PI, NETL-DOE Crosscutting Technologies (2015-18), The SMARTER Project (Science of Multicomponent Alloys - a Roadmap for Theoretical and Experimental Research.

* Awarded, but not completed due to relocating from Ames Laboratory to IIT Ropar.