Interface Dynamics and Energetics of Alloys (IDEAs) Laboratory

IDEAs Laboratory is on the lookout for an undergraduate intern (6-month internship) to work in the area of nickel alumindes.

Research @ IDEAs Lab

The Interface Dynamics and Energetics of Alloys research group at IIT Ropar focus on understanding, predicting and eventually controlling Solid-Liquid and Solid-Solid interfaces. The Solid-Liquid interfaces are investigated during solidfication processing (in bulk, as well in as confined geometries). The Solid-solid interfaces occurs as grain boundaries and phase boundaries. The basic science challenges associated with interfaces readily transfer to a variety of applied problems in diverse materials systems such as High-Temperature materials and Functional nanomaterials, which forms the key research thrusts in our group. Our tools of the trade involve solidification, sintering, microscopy, diffraction, assorted modeling methods, and Materials Informatics.

Join us!

If you are an young researcher, interested in understanding materials, join us! Drop in a line or drop by and see our research. All that is needed to join the IDEAs lab is a passion for science and a great work ethic. PhD positions in IDEAs lab are usually available through externally funded JRF positions and  Institute funded PhD positions. Post-docs are only through national level fellowships such as NPDF, WISE, etc. A limited number of BTech research opportunities (usually, 2 students per batch) can also be available, chiefly on Machine Learning.