Interface Dynamics and Energetics of Alloys (IDEAs) Laboratory

News and Spotlight -

  • 2022 June 28: Our paper on the effect of tracer elements on diffusion through oxide scales has been accepted for publication in Materialia.

  • 2022 June 20: Pratik takes over as the new Head of the Department (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering @ IIT Ropar)!

  • 2022 June 06: Nithin joins the group as a summer intern. He will be researching inter-particle interactions and flow behavior of colloids.

  • 2022 May 23: Tirtharaj Paul joins the group as a summer intern. He will be researching metallic glass formation and structure.

  • 2022 May 18: Santosh defends his thesis proposal successfully. Congratulations!

  • 2022 Apr 19: Pratik awarded the DAE-CSR grant for investigating in-situ high temperature oxidation of Ni-based alloys along with co-PIs Prof. Joysurya Basu (IIT Varanasi) and IDEAs group alumni Dr. Vikas Shivam.

  • 2022 Apr 15: Our collaborative work on distilling the physical origins of hardness in High Entropy Alloys has been accepted in principle for publication in NPJ Computational Materials. Stay tuned to this space for link to the full manuscript.

  • 2022 Mar 16: Pratik receives the DST-CRG grant for investigating the reactive element effect in Ni based bond coat materials.

  • 2022 Mar 01: Our paper on glass formation in ternary alloys is published in Materials Today: Proceedings (Special Issue on the proceedings of the AFTMME 2021 conference).

  • 2022 Jan 31: Dr. Vikas Shivam is the recipient of the NPDF fellowship. He moves to the National Metallurgical Laboratory (Jamshedpur) for his new assignment. We wish him all the best for this opportunity!

  • 2021 Nov 04: Our paper on modeling the oxidation of NiAl and NiAl+Hf using Cellular Automata is published in NPJ Matherials Degradation.

  • 2021 Oct 22: Jhalak is awarded the prestigious PMRF fellowship to continue her work on UHTCs. Congratulations!

  • 2021 Jun 11: Our paper in phase selection in High-Entropy Alloys has been published in Computational Materials Science.