Interface Dynamics and Energetics of Alloys (IDEAs) Laboratory

News and Spotlight -

  • 2022 November 25: Our paper on a reduced mathematical model for phase selection is published in Materialia.

  • 2022 November 16: Dishant wins the second prize in NMD-ATM-2022!

  • 2022 November 04: Dishant has been awarded the prestigious PMRF award. Congratulations!!

  • 2022 September 08: Our paper on oxidation of High-Entropy Alloys is published in the journal Entropy.

  • 2022 August 19: New book chapter published by Dishant and Jhalak. (Link)

  • 2022 July 18: Our collaborative work on distilling the physical origins of hardness in High Entropy Alloys is published online in NPJ Computational Materials

  • 2022 July 07: Our paper on the effect of tracer elements on diffusion through oxide scales has been published in Materialia. Read it here.

  • 2022 June 20: Pratik takes over as the new Head of the Department (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering @ IIT Ropar)!

  • 2022 May 18: Santosh defends his thesis proposal successfully. Congratulations!

  • 2022 Apr 19: Pratik awarded the DAE-CSR grant for investigating in-situ high temperature oxidation of Ni-based alloys along with co-PIs Prof. Joysurya Basu (IIT Varanasi) and IDEAs group alumni Dr. Vikas Shivam.

  • 2022 Mar 16: Pratik receives the DST-CRG grant for investigating the reactive element effect in Ni based bond coat materials.

  • 2022 Mar 01: Our paper on glass formation in ternary alloys is published in Materials Today: Proceedings (Special Issue on the proceedings of the AFTMME 2021 conference).

  • 2022 Jan 31: Dr. Vikas Shivam is the recipient of the NPDF fellowship. He moves to the National Metallurgical Laboratory (Jamshedpur) for his new assignment. We wish him all the best for this opportunity!